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About Dial Filtration


Dial Filtration is part of Dial Liquid Technics B.V.  Dial FIltration is focused on the filtration market.

Dial Liquid Technics B.V. is one of the leading stock-holding distributors of, among other things, filters, oil, lubrication and liquid dosing equipment of quality products and A-brands in the Benelux. The company has been active in the market for liquid transfer systems (in the broadest sense of the word) sinds 1993 and has acquired a very good reputation and expertise.

We supply a wide range of products from filters, simple hand pumps, advanced electronic pumps, skids, meters, reels, hoses, couplings, guns and tank level indicators, to highly advanced fuel management systems. The products we use are all made of very high-quality materials. This ensures that our products and systems clearly distinguish themselves positively when it comes to reliability and durability.

Who are our customers?

Our customers include oil traders, bunker stations, petrochemical industry, fuel depots, tank builders, installation companies and sewer cleaning companies. Our activities are focused on the needs of our customers. We are convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to a fruitful collaboration.

Why Dial?

Our range can be used in many sectors. In these sectors we do not supply to the end user, but for example to wholesalers, brokers, installers, the oil trade and other professional resellers.

Take a look around on our website, perhaps Dial Filtration is an interesting partner for you. The advisors of Dial Filtration are happy to personally answer your questions about our products and their applications. An email or phone call is sufficient.

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