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AH Aquacon Series Hydraulic Oil

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Product description


  • Available in popular “K-Series” size and spin-on style
  • Lower pressure drop with higher particle and waterremoval efficiency
  • Cleaner oil and reduced maintenance with existingfiltration equipment


AH Series Cartridges remove free and emulsified waterand particulate contamination from hydraulic oil inrecirculating systems. Super-absorbent polymers capableof holding over 100 times their weight in water arecombined with particle filtering media. The polymerschemically lock in water and swell when saturated. This increases the pressure drop and signals that thecartridge must be changed.

Velcon Filters pioneered the development of Aquaconsuper-absorbent filters for the demanding requirementsof aviation jet fuel filtration. However, when the aviationcartridges were used with heavier oils, it was found thatthey were subject to high pressure drops. To overcomethis limitation, AH Series Cartridges were developedspecifically for hydraulic oil filtration. They offer the sameextraordinary Aquaconwater absorbing and particleremoving capability as the aviation elements but withminimum pressure drop and high flow rates. Threehydraulic oil cartridges are offered:

AH-511P8SP is the 0.8 micron design packaged in thepopular 5 inch spin-on configuration. This design offerssignificant performance advantages over the several 5 inchwater/particle removing spin-ons from other manufacturerswhich utilize fiberglass/cornstarch polymer technologyand have a nominal rating of about 3 microns.Advantages include:
1. More than double the fine particle removal efficiency.
2. Lower pressure drop and higher flow rate.
3. Greater water capacity.


Water in hydraulic oil leads to corrosion, acceleratedwear, additive breakdown, acid formation and microbialgrowth. Filtering with AH AquaconCartridges willremove virtually all free and emulsified water andminimize these problems.

The AH-511P8SP will improve filtration performance inexisting systems by replacing 3 micron water removingfilters already in place. For new installations, the SPH-6spin-on filter head, which has an internal bypass set at25 PSID, is available.



Micron Rating0.8
BrandParker Velcon
Product codeAH-511P8SP

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